Unconventions: 無限

The forever-unconventional convention

Hey, you, internet person!

It's ok to not follow common conventions. A project that follows "unconventions" is choosing to opt out of one or more common conventions.

Perhaps they use a more obscure convention, or no convention at all. Maybe it's all explained, and maybe it's not. Anyway, it's a valid choice.

But but but...!

Ok, I know, I know, someone made a nice website! They told the world that everyone should do Semantic Versioning, Conventional Commits, and also they should Keep a Changelog. The website looks polished, the idea sounds better than alternatives, and wow the convention itself even has a version! Everyone obviously has to adopt it and we should flame the lazy bums that don't follow the rules, right?

No. Stop that.

Conventions are optional. They're fine if you like them, and often helpful if other people you're interacting with follow them. Not everyone will follow every convention that comes along, and hey, that's a good thing! Every new and good convention came about because someone was not following some older and worse conventions. (Of course: old ≢ bad)

It's also fine to not be so serious all the time, and sometimes do stuff, you know, "Just for Fun. No, really."

If someone comes to you and asks why you don't follow <insert convention here> you can say that you choose to follow Unconventions. If they're persistent and ask for a version, you can say version 無限. All versions of unconventions should be considered the same version. Version "v1.0" and version "banana" are also the same as version 無限 by convention.


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2: Counter convention 🖇

Unconventions is not against conventions, but it carries a spirit that is willing to listen to, and amplify, well-meaning critiques of conventions. The following lists are intended to push conventions forward, either to improve or to foster discussion that leads to newer and better conventions.

Semantic Versioning



Calendar Versioning



Conventional Commits



Keep a Changelog